Deluxe Monthly Wax Melt Subscription Box

Deluxe Monthly Wax Melt Subscription Box

£16.99 / month


What’s in the box?

We’re glad you asked! In your box each month will be a guaranteed value of at least ¬£20 in a huge variety of fragrances. This will include our entire range of shapes and sizes and fragrances such as:

  • Mini Hearts
  • Snapbars
  • Large Hearts
  • Bubbles Bars
  • Mini Snap Bars
  • Scented Bars


Join The Little Scent Club With Our Special Monthly Wax Melt Subscription Box

Join the club and receive a monthly bundle of high quality wax melts straight to your door with a Little Scent Factory wax melt subscription box. We are based in Staffordshire in the UK and each month we ship out Wax Melt Subscription boxes.

Segmented packs of richly scented wax, which when used in your electric or tealight warmer, will allow you to introduce a wealth of super fragrances into your home. We advise a burn time range of 30-40 hours for electric warmers, and 16-19 hours for tealight burners. Individual net wax weight 48g.

What Fragrances Will I Receive?

We curate the fragrances you receive in your wax melt subscription box each month. These are selected from our full panel of scents with a view to including something for every taste, often giving a nod to significant seasons and events throughout the year. Subscribers cannot specify fragrances. There will be no fragrance repeats during the initial 3 month subscription period. You will receive 27 unique fragrances.

Can I Cancel My Subscription?

If for some reason you would like to cancel the subscription then you can do this under your account settings and you can cancel at any time.

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